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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a minor?

Full information can be found from Records and Registration’s site. In brief, a student needs to fill out this form, have it signed by the departmental chair, and submit it to the Office of Records and Registration.

What minors does the department offer?

The department has minors in Actuarial Studies, Mathematics, Quantitative Criminology, and Statistics.

How many courses can a student double count?

  • Between a major and a minor, one can double count one course. There is no limit on counting correlate courses for the major towards the minor.
  • Between two majors, a student can double count three courses. This rule applies only to required courses in the major and not to correlate courses for the major.

How do I change my major?

Full information can be found from Records and Registration’s site. In brief, a student can only file the change of major form during the first six weeks of the semester. A student needs to fill out this form, have it signed by the departmental chair, and submit it to the Office of Records and Registration.

How do I do credit by examination?

Currently enrolled students wishing to earn credit through the College’s own examination/assessment process need the permission of the chairperson of the department in which the examination is being given. Forms for this process can be downloaded here.

Having once enrolled in a course, whether for a regular grade, a pass/fail grade, or an audit grade, a student may not elect to take the course on a credit-by-examination basis. The fee for the examination is based on the number of course units to be awarded per examination and is $60 per course unit (or fraction thereof).*

Does the department offer tutoring?

The department does offer walk-in group tutoring. Please go to our Tutoring page for more information and for a schedule. Also, additional tutoring for several of our courses is available at the Tutoring Center.

How do I transfer a course taken at another college to TCNJ?

If you are taking a course at a community college in New Jersey, you can see what the equivalent course is at TCNJ by checking and clicking on the “Course Equivalencies” link on the left side of the page. If you would like to take a course at another school, the procedure to follow can be found at the Office of Records and Registration website. Please note that there is a Course Authorization Form that needs to be signed before you take the course at the other college. However, if the course is taken at a community college and is listed on (without restrictions), you will not need to get the department chair’s signature. Simply take the form to Records and Registration and they will approve it for you.

Please note that a community college course may transfer to TCNJ but not count towards the major. For example, many of the Calculus III courses will transfer to TCNJ, but as elective credit, and will not satisfy the requirements for the Mathematics and Statistics majors. Similarly, science courses needed as correlates for the Mathematics and Statistics majors must transfer as courses that count for the respective Biology, Chemistry, or Physics major.

Where can I find forms?

You can find forms on our Forms page!

How do I request a course overload? How can I take more than 4 course units in a semester?

To request a course overload (or take more than 4 courses in a semester) you need to fill out a Request for Increase in Maximum Course Load. Once you have filled out the form, have it signed by the chair of the Mathematics and Statistics Department, then take it to the School of Science office and have the Assistant Dean sign it as well. Once all of the signatures have been obtained, it goes to R&R for processing.

I can’t sign up for Business Calculus/Calculus because I do not have the prerequisite for the course. What do I do?

Please see

How do I take a course more than twice?

Main page: Permission to Repeat a Course

Students petitioning to take a course that they have already taken two or more times should do the following:

  1. The student should write a one-page reflective essay on why they have been previously unsuccessful in the course and create a plan for success in the course. The student should reflect on which parts of the material have caused problems in the past, and how they will overcome these difficulties if they are granted permission to take the course another time. Students who have taken a course several times without success usually have established habits of the mind that prevent them from succeeding. Simply working harder usually does not lead to success as such a plan does not address the root causes of the academic problem.
  2. The student should contact the professor with whom the course was taken most recently and send the above essay to him/her. The student should ask for feedback as to whether the primary causes for the previous academic difficulties have been identified and if the proposed plan will lead to success. The student should incorporate the professor’s feedback in a revised essay.
  3. The revised essay, together with the feedback from the professor, should be submitted along with the “Repeat of Course Authorization Form(first signed by the major department chair) to either Dr. Liebars or Dr. Hagedorn (the two co-chairs of the department) for consideration.
  4. A student may take a course at TCNJ at most three times.