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Mathematics: Mathematics

The Mathematics Specialization is a specialization of the Mathematics major that offers students the opportunity to study all areas of mathematics from pure mathematics to applied mathematics.  This page lists the program documents and other information about the specialization.  For more information, please contact your advisor or the department chair.

Program Documents for the Mathematics Specialization:

The Undergraduate Bulletin is the official list of major requirements. However, by following the list of requirements below, and meeting the retention and graduation grade requirements, students will meet all their requirements.  An Honors program is available for Mathematics majors. More information can be found at Honors.

Mathematics Specialization Learning Goals

Students will demonstrate the following:

  1. The ability to understand and write mathematical proofs at the advanced undergraduate level
  2. The ability to bring together concepts from various areas of mathematics to solve mathematical problems
  3. The ability to effectively communicate mathematical ideas to their peers, both orally and in writing
  4. The ability to use technology appropriately to investigate mathematical problems
  5. Engagement in mathematics as a discipline