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Undergraduate Research

What is Undergraduate Research?

Faculty members in the Math & Stat Department conduct research in many areas of mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, and math education. As an undergraduate researcher you will work with a faculty advisor to engage new, exciting questions beyond the scope of the standard curriculum. Conducting research introduces you to new mathematical techniques at the forefront of mathematical and scientific knowledge. Research provides experiences valuable for many careers including improved problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills.

How do I apply to do research with a faculty member?
There are two ways to engage in research with faculty members:
  1. Reach out to a faculty member whose research you are interested in. If the faculty member agrees, fill out an Independent Study and Mentored Research Form.
  2. Fill out a Research Interest Form and bring that to Laurie in the department office. If one of the faculty members you are interested in doing research with is able to accommodate another student, they will reach out to you. Once the faculty member has agreed to mentor you, then you will fill out the research form as above.

How do I find out about faculty research interests?

Most faculty members are happy to talk about their research. If you feel comfortable doing so, please feel free to make an appointment with one or more faculty members to see what they’re working on. In addition, each year many of our faculty members present brief synopses of their research so that students can see what they are working on and decide if that’s an area that might interest them. Please see below for presentations from current and previous years.