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Statistics Minor

This program follows core guidelines for a minor in statistics recommended by the American Statistical Association, specifically courses in general statistical methodology, statistical modeling and exposure to professional statistical software. In STA303, STA304, STA305, and STA306 students will gain a solid foundation in R and SAS, the two most widely used statistical software packages. Students interested in data science are encouraged to include STA307 in their minor plan. In STA307, programming in R or Python plays a major role, and students intending to include STA307 in their minor should take a computer programming course before their junior year.

Required Courses

2 required courses

  • STA 215/Statistical Inference
  • STA 305/Regression Analysis



Any 3 courses from the following:

  • Any STA course at the 300 level or above.
  • MAT 316/Probability


5 Total

Students intending to take Independent Study or Independent Research courses should first seek permission from the Statistics Program Coordinator.

A minimum of 3 course units for the statistics minor must be earned at TCNJ.

Only courses with earned grade of C- or higher can be used to fulfill the requirements for the minor.