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Advising Information

Registration for the Fall 2023 semester will begin on April 4th, and advising will begin shortly. There have been a number of important changes happening in the department that we want to make sure you are aware of. Please see the Advising Newsletter for more information, including the list of expanded descriptions for the Mathematics and Statistics options courses.

Recent Curricular Changes:

  • Spring 2024
    • STA 318 (Operations Research): The new prerequisites are MAT 128 (Calculus B) and MAT 200 (Proof Writing through Discrete Mathematics) and no longer MAT 316 (Probability).
  • Fall 2023
    • Course offerings: A list of the upper- level course offerings for the fall semester may be found at the end of this letter. Note that this includes the following courses which are not offered annually: MAT320 Complex Analysis, MAT341 Computational Math, MAT405 Topology, MAT430 Seminar in Dynamical Systems, and STA314 Statistical Quality Control.
    • Beginning Summer 2023, two hybrid courses from TCNJ’s MBA Program will be cross-listed as statistics classes. STA 308 Applied Time Series and Forecasting will be offered in Summer, 2023, and STA309 Text Mining will be offered in Fall, 2023.
  • Spring 2022
    • Seminar requirement: Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Mathematics Secondary Education majors must attend four department colloquia in the junior year or fall semester of senior year as a prerequisite for their capstone course.  All students should attempt to meet this expectation.
  • Fall 2021
    • Combinatorics: MAT 370 Topics in Mathematics will be taught this fall by Dr. Reimer.
    • STA 216: This course will be offered in the spring rather than the fall this year and in future years. In addition, the prerequisite of MAT 127 has been changed to a corequisite.
  • Spring 2021
    • MAT 270: Topics in Mathematics – Computational Mathematics is a new half-unit course this spring. Applied math students who take this course this spring may use this to meet the second computer science correlate requirement for the Applied Mathematics specialization.
    • Prerequisites for STA404: These have been changed. The new prerequisites are: STA305, CSC230 OR CSC250 OR CRI215, MAT205
    • Retention standards: These have been changed. Students entering the major beginning this semester will be required to attain a grade of C- or better in both MAT200 and MAT229.Students who entered the major between Fall, 2018 and Fall, 2020 have a retention standard of a 2.5 GPA for the courses MAT127, MAT128, MAT200, MAT205, and MAT229. Students who do not meet this standard but who meet the new standard may contact Prof. Curtis to request a waiver of the old standard.
  • Fall 2020
    • Cryptography: MAT 370-01 in Fall 2020 will be taught by Dr. Schmoyer.
    • Applied Mathematics Depth Requirement: The Department has approved eliminating the depth requirement for students in the Applied Mathematics specialization, effective as of the Fall 2020 semester.
  • Fall 2018
    • The Precalculus changed its number. It is now MAT 120: Precalculus and is a regular course that counts for 1 course unit. Also, MAT 119: Introduction to Functions is a 1 course unit course aimed for Business students as the prerequisite for MAT 125: Business Calculus (and replaces MAT 120 as the prerequisite).
    • MAT 426: Partial Differential Equations is now an official course. We expect it to be offered every two years in the fall semesters of odd years.
    • STA 404: Computational and Bayesian Statistics is now officially listed. We expect it to be offered every two years.
    • The entrance requirements for the department were updated. Students must earn a C- in MAT 127 and MAT 200 to be admitted to the department.

Previous Advising Newsletters: