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Learning Assistant Positions

Learning Assistants

Learning Assistants are undergraduates learning about the teaching of college-level mathematics while supporting the delivery of a TCNJ course. Learning Assistants gain experience in teaching through supervised activities such as assisting students with classroom activities, holding office hours, leading discussions, and holding review sessions. Learning Assistants meet with the supervising professor regularly to discuss course content, pedagogy, and performance. Learning Assistants are assessed based on their work in and out of the classroom and on a final, reflective paper in which they discuss their experiences in this role.

Learning Assistants enroll in MTT300 for 0.5 course units, and they spend approximately 100 hours over the semester engaged in course activities (class meetings, meeting with the supervising professor, office hours, review sessions, etc.), plus additional time needed for preparation.

Learning Assistant Criteria

  1. The student must have taken at least four course units in math at TCNJ.
  2. If the student took the course for which they will be a Learning Assistant at TCNJ, then the student must have at least an A- in the course they wish to be an intern.
  3. A student must have at least a 3.0 Math GPA
  4. A student can take a maximum of one course unit of MTT 300.

Exceptions to the above can be made at the discretion of the chair or Math Ed Coordinator.

If you are interested and have room in your schedule to do a Learning Assistant course, please contact Dr. Cathy Liebars (  Each semester, a call for Learning Assistants will be made prior to registration.  Interested students should send an essay describing your background for being a Learning Assistant and why you would like this experience.  If you are approved, you will complete a Learning Assistant contract (see link below) with the professor of the course.

Courses which have previously had a Learning Assistant:

MAT 105
MAT 120
MAT 127
MAT 128
MAT 200
STA 215
MAT 301
MAT 326

Learning Assistant Contract
TCNJ Learning Assistant policy