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Grade Requirements for Graduation, Retention, and Transfer Into Major

Grade Requirements for:


Graduation Requirements:

  • A minimum of six course units in the major must be earned in the department. A minimum of four of the final six course units in the major must be earned in the department.
  • Students must satisfy the retention requirements for their major to graduate.
  • In courses offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, a grade of C- or better must be earned in the courses that satisfy a graduation requirement, with the following exception. Students may count one D or D+ grade in a 300 or 400 level course.
  • In addition to these general requirements, there are additional requirements for the following majors and specializations:

Mathematics major: Applied Math Specialization

  1. A grade of C- or better must be earned in the Computer Science Correlate courses.

Mathematics Teaching and Mathematics Secondary Education majors

  1. Overall 3.0 grade point average to meet the state certification requirements.
  2. A 2.75 GPA in order to enroll in Clinical Practice I (SED 399, MTT 390 and RAL 328)
  3. A 3.0 GPA and a B- in all Clinical Practice I courses in order to enroll in Clinical Practice II (MTT 490)
  4. Students must meet the State of New Jersey’s Basic Skills requirement before applying for Clinical Practice I and II.
  5. B- or better in MTT 490 (Student teaching).



Retention Standards:

  • Students must meet the above graduation requirements and the following grade requirements to be retained in the major. If a student fails to meet the standard, students will have one year to meet the standard. Students concerned about the standards should speak with their advisor.
  • Majors must earn a C- in all courses that count towards the degree. A single grade of D or D+ may be earned in a s 300/400 MAT/STA courses that is not a prerequisite for a subsequent course.
  • A 2.5 GPA in the required courses MAT 127, 128, 200, 205, 229 (and STA 215 for the Statistics specialization).

# MAT 125 may be substituted for MAT 127 with permission of the chair.

Dismissal Policy

At the end of the semester, if a major in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics has not met one or more of the department’s retention standards, he/she will be given notice that they must meet the standard(s) within one calendar year in order to continue in the major.  If the standard has not been satisfied within one calendar year the student will be dismissed from the major. In addition, if a student who is a major in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics does not pass any courses satisfying requirements for the major for a calendar year (2 regular semesters), he/she may be dismissed from the major.

Requirements to Transfer Into Major

In order to transfer into all Mathematics majors, a student must meet the following grade requirements and be approved by the chair(s):

  1. C- or better in MAT 127
  2. C- or better in MAT 200

For the Mathematics Secondary Education or Mathematics Teaching majors, students must also meet:

  1. Praxis Core Basic Skills Test passing score (or equivalent)
  2. Additional requirements for the respective Education department.



If a student has not met the exact prerequisites of a course as stated in this bulletin, but believes that the requirements have been satisfied through equivalent experiences, the student may gain admission to the course with the approval of the department chair.