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Student Organizations

Actuarial Sciences Club

TCNJ Actuarial Science Club is an organization for TCNJ students who are interested in the actuarial career path. We are a recognized club by the Student Government. We meet biweekly to discuss resources, practice problems, job opportunities, and other related matters. We also host companies to present about the work they do, as well as recruit TCNJ students for internships. The organization is intended to be educational and informational for those looking to pursue an actuarial career.

The club generally meets every other Wednesday from12:00-1:00 pm starting 9/14/22. Meetings will either be in-person (room to be announced) or virtually (for company presentations).

Officers 2023-24:
President: Adam Starr
Vice President: Akshay Shah
Secretary: Tyler Alonso
Treasurer: Tyler Glodowski
Alumni Outreach Chair: Matthew Cohen
Workshop Chair: Daniel Baron
Marketing Chair: Aidan Brier

email: actuary@

Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)
AWM at TCNJ strives to encourage Mathematics majors of all genders throughout their education at TCNJ and beyond graduation. We meet biweekly on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 pm. Our goal is to create a community where we can provide resources regarding future jobs and graduate schools, as well as to encourage women in the field of Mathematics, where they are often a minority. For additional information, please follow our Instagram (@awmtcnj) and click this link to join our GroupMe! Looking forward to getting connected with all of you!”
Officers 2021-22:

President: Miruna Baciu
Vice President: Maya Williams
Secretary: Kendra Ebke
Publicist: Alexandra DiBenedetto
Treasurer: Ally Schlee


Council of Student Teachers of Mathematics (CSTM)

TCNJ CSTM is an organization intended for TCNJ undergraduate students interested in teaching mathematics at the K-12 grade level. It is recognized as a student affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and sponsored by the Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey (AMTNJ). Our goal is to create a sense of community among math education members, support each other as we progress through our programs, and collaborate in volunteer efforts and other such events.

Officers 2023-24:
Dr. Rachel Snider – Advisor
Samuel Ingenito – President
Giana La Lima – Vice President/NCTM Rep
Breanna Vinella – Treasurer
Amanda Vezos – Secretary
Stephanie Tortolani – Community Liaison
For any questions or clarifications:
Instagram: @tcnj_cstm

Math & Stat Club

  • All Math majors are considered members of Math & Stat Club! so >>> CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR GROUPME <<<
  • With this coming semester, our GroupMe is where we’ll post announcements and updates regarding our meetings.
  • Our club meets every other Wednesday starting on September 7th. Each meeting is from 2-3pm and all are welcome! Bring your friends, the more the merrier :).
  • Follow our Instagram @tcnjmathclub! That’s where we let you know what we’re up to and post updates as well.
  • Any questions/concerns? Feel free to email us, contact one of the eboard members through GroupMe or DM us! We’re always here to answer any questions!

As an organization, our mission is to keep the department connected and make the most out of this semester! Stay tuned for upcoming events and again: WELCOME!

Email: mathclub@
Instagram: @tcnjmathclub

Officers 2023-24:
President: Elizabeth Norton
Vice President: Lauren Terr
Treasurer: Kaitlyn Smith
Social Chair: Lauren Bayzath
Secretary: Amanda Vezos
Member at Large: Brianna Herner

Pi Mu Epsilon

We are TCNJ’s chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon (PME), the National Mathematics Honor Society.  In our department, PME organizes Are You Smarter Than a TCNJ Student in the Fall and the Integration Bee in the Spring.  We also help organize REU talks in the Fall, a graduate school panel in the Spring, and are interested in promoting more career development/job/internship meetings in the future as well.  Lastly, we would like our members to attend Lions Day open houses to speak to prospective students and actively participate in our freshman mentorship program.  Students are eligible to join based on their academic standing and year.

Officers 2023-24:

President – Eddie Rohr
Vice President – Lauren Robol
Secretary – Anish Nagireddy
Question Master – Bianca Nicolescu
Publicist – Isabella Pappano
Instagram: pme_tcnj

Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board (SAB) for the Department of Mathematics and Statistics is a group of students who periodically meet with the department chair(s) to discuss issues important to majors and minors.  The SAB provides input regarding the curriculum and possible future courses, and works with the Department to improve the student experience.  The SAB represents the interests of all students and encourages suggestions from all students in the college’s mathematics and statistics courses.

Members 2021-22


To contact the Student Advisory Board, please email them at mathsab@