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Student Organizations

Actuarial Sciences Club

TCNJ Actuarial Science Club is an organization for TCNJ students who are interested in the actuarial career path. We are a recognized club by the Student Government. We meet biweekly to discuss resources, practice problems, job opportunities, and other related matters. The organization is intended to be educational and informational for those looking to pursue an actuarial career.

Officers 2020-21:
President: Alexa Morreale
Vice President: Melissa Asaro
Treasurer: Jenna Smith
Alumni Outreach: Tara Staines
Workshop Chair: Lillian Hoffman
Secretary: Vincent Bolognese

email: actuary@

Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)
Officers 2020-21:
President: Leanna Diaz
Vice President: Miruna Baciu
Publicist: Maya Williams
Treasurer: Ally Schlee
Secretary: Alexa Morreale

Council of Student Teachers of Mathematics (CSTM)

TCNJ CSTM is an organization intended for TCNJ undergraduate students interested in teaching mathematics at the K-12 grade level. It is recognized as a student affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and sponsored by the Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey (AMTNJ). Our goal is to create a sense of community among math education members, support each other as we progress through our programs, and collaborate in volunteer efforts and other such events.

Officers 2020-21:
President: Mackenzie Gossard
Vice President: Kelly Boccippio
Treasurer: Dharika Shah
Secretary: Sally Choi
Community Liaison: Maile Allen
For any questions or clarifications:
email: cstm@

Math & Stat Club

Meetings: Every Wednesday at 12:00pm in SCP 229.

Email: mathclub@
Facebook: Math Club TCNJ
Twitter: Math Club TCNJ

President: Kelly Boccippio
Vice President: Angelo Vinco
Social Chair: Miranda Kianka
Treasurer: Tierney Baldwin
Secretary: Matt Belloise
Member at Large – Alex Haenny

Pi Mu Epsilon
Officers 2020-21:

President: Francesca Zumpano
Vice President: Leanna Diaz
Treasurer: Santiago Cardenas
Secretary: (available)
Question Master: (available)
Publicist: (available)

Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board (SAB) for the Department of Mathematics and Statistics is a group of students who periodically meet with the department chair(s) to discuss issues important to majors and minors.  The SAB provides input regarding the curriculum and possible future courses, and works with the Department to improve the student experience.  The SAB represents the interests of all students and encourages suggestions from all students in the college’s mathematics and statistics courses.

To contact the Student Advisory Board, please email them at mathsab@