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Faculty Resources

How to Remove an Advising Hold

To release a hold for one of your advisees, follow these steps:

1. On the “My Advisees” menu in PAWS, click on the “Advisor Hold” (red symbol) for that student.
2. On the “Manage Service Indicators” page that comes up, click on the code “SS4”.
3. On the “Edit Service Indicator” page that comes up, click on the release button.
4. Click on the “Release” button.

The hold will then be released. This will only let you remove a math/stat hold. Financial and holds from other departments can’t be removed.

How to Add an Advising Hold

1. Go to the “general info” tab in the advisee’s student center.
2. Click on the “Edit Service Indicators” link.
3. Then click on “Add service indicator” and use the code “SS4”. You also need to fill in the start term. I think I don’t usually fill in the end term.
4. Then click OK and the hold should be placed.