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Mathematics Secondary Education & Mathematics Teaching Learning Goals

  1. Understanding Mathematics Content Knowledge
    1. Students will master the content knowledge needed to teach in the secondary schools.
    2. Students will also have the background in higher level mathematics that allow them to teach competently, and confidently.
  2. Making Connections
    1. Students will be able to make connections between higher level mathematics and K-12 mathematics.
    2. Students will be able to understand the scope and sequence of K-12 mathematics.
  3. Effective Utilization of Problem Solving
    1. Students will be problem- solving teachers who effectively utilize the experiences and skills in problem solving approaches in their instruction
  4. Ability to Communicate Clearly
    1. Students will be able to communicate mathematical ideas and concepts in clear and precise manner.
  5. Understand and Implement Standards and Recommendations for Teaching
    1. Students will be able to understand, and be capable of implementing and building upon the standards and recommendations for teaching mathematics suggested by professional organizations, research, departments of education, and schools districts.
  6. Utilize Research to Inform Classroom Practice
    1. Students will be able to read, interpret, implement, and utilize research about teaching mathematics including theories of learning to guide their classroom practice and teaching decisions.
  7. Effectively Utilize Technology in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
    1. Students will be able to effectively utilize technology and determine how to meaningfully integrate technology in teaching mathematics.
  8. Appropriate Implementation of Activities and Instructional Strategies
    1. Students will be able to choose, adapt, and implement appropriate mathematical activities.
    2. Students will be able to use a variety of instructional strategies to help students of diverse abilities learn mathematics
  9. Motivate and Energize the Learning of Mathematics
    1. Students will be able to motivate, enrich, and energize the mathematics classroom by displaying their enthusiasm and interest in mathematics.
  10. Understand Principles and Implementation of Assessment
    1. Students will be able to understand the underlying principles of assessment and know how to use multiple means of assessment.