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About the Department

Shape your aptitude into expertise, learning to analyze and solve problems using numbers and data. It’s a skillset increasingly valued in a high-tech world. We offer specializations across the mathematical sciences and mathematics education, allowing you to tailor your studies to your goals. Ours is a community of close camaraderie and intellectual inquiry, nurtured by students and faculty alike.

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Passionate Teacher-Scholars

Our faculty are nationally recognized teacher-scholars who can make numbers do amazing things: quantify cancer growth, identify unknown authors, elucidate three-dimensional space, innovate teaching practice. They extend this passion for their work into close mentorship of undergraduates. Their doors are always open, and our lounge is always full of students.



Research Opportunities

Biostatistics? Knot theory? Numerical simulations? Financial analysis? Pedagogical practice? Students who want to tackle research in a specialized area have our support—and the expert guidance of a faculty mentor. We work closely with each student to turn individual goals, including research, internships, or independent study, into reality.

Wide Career Choices

Math and statistics skills are increasingly demanded in our data-driven world. Many of our majors enter the workforce as analysts, actuaries, and statisticians. Others teach mathematics or pursue graduate studies. See yourself in law, medicine, engineering, or business? Math majors score big on entrance exams for graduate and professional schools.