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Greetings from Sierra Leone!

Greetings from Sierra Leone!

SL3Michael Lee ’12  graduated from TCNJ in May 2012 with a BA in Mathematics. Here, in his own words, is the inspiring story of the journey he has taken since his graduation. Also, please consider helping out with the RISE book drive program that he talks about at the end.

“Greetings from Bomotoke, Sierra Leone. As you may already know, my name is Michael Lee, Class of 2012. Currently, I am a Peace Corps Volunteer in Bomotoke, Moyamba District, Sierra Leone, West Africa. I graduated from TCNJ in May of 2012 with Bachelors in Mathematics; and, on June 7th 2012, I was relocated from Ewing, New Jersey to West Africa, where now I am a Mathematics teacher! Before I continue, I want to thank the members of The College of New Jersey’s Mathematics Department whom gave me the knowledge and courage to apply and become a Peace Corps Volunteer! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! And, I believe that my school students thank you as well!

SL7“I arrived in Sierra Leone in June of 2012; and, I will be here for over two years (returning home to New Jersey sometime in July/August of 2014. My name here in my village of Bomotoke is Mohamed Yimbo, son of the Paramount Chief Yimbo of Timdale Chiefdom. I teach Mathematics at Charles Yimbo United Methodist High School. I teach Junior Secondary students, which is basically middle school level students (6th, 7th, and 8th graders). My school is very small consisting of roughly 120 school students and five teachers (including myself and the school principal, Mr. Stephen Manley).

“Today is the eleventh of March 2013 and we are currently in the second term (out of three). We are busy teaching as well as preparing for our annual sports, which is like field day in America (since there are no school sport teams available for the students year-round.) Besides from my work as a Mathematics teacher, I am working with my fellow teachers and community members to establish a school/community library, create volleyball and baseball clubs, offer after-school tutoring to students, and help better the lives of those living in Bomotoke.

SL9“I applied for school books through this program called RISE and our school here in Bomotoke was accepted. Our school will receive training for how to build and maintain a library, in addition to 1,000 school books. Awesome, huh?! The books should be coming in October 2013. The RISE program depends upon schools and organizations to help collect donated books. If there is an interest in organizing a book drive at the College, please contact the RISE program directly for more information. Email Chris Bradshaw at and tell them that you are interested in organizing a book drive for Charles Yimbo United Methodist High School in Bomotoke, Sierra Leone, with Peace Corps Volunteer Michael Lee.”