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Department Colloquium — Dr. David Reimer — “Intuition in Mathematics, a Historical Perspective”

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics would like to welcome:

Dr. David Reimer, Associate Professor, Dept. of Mathematics & Statistics at TCNJ, on Friday, September 13, at 11:30 am  in SCP 229.

Title: Intuition In Mathematics, a Historical Perspective

Abstract: The way we use and prove mathematics today is rarely the way these important results were discovered.  In this talk we examine four mathematicians and the paradigms they used.  Specifically we will look at the monads of Pythagoras, the slicing arguments of Archimedes, the particle paradigm of Napier’s logs and derivatives of Leibnitz.  Finally we will look at combinatorial arguments to see how we can become the master and not the servant of our equations.

Pizza and soda will be served!