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 Internships in the Mathematics and Statistics Department

The Mathematics and Statistics Department offers students the opportunity to purse academic internships in mathematics, statistics, and mathematics education that allow students to integrate their disciplinary knowledge in a work environments.  All internships must be approved by the department prior to the start of the internship, and must be supervised by both a faculty member and an on-the-job supervisor at the employer.  Students interested in pursuing an internship should read through the information and forms below first, and then contact the department’s internship coordinators:  Professor Ed Conjura (Mathematics), Professor Michael Ochs (Statistics), or Professor Cathy Liebars (Mathematics Education).  Please note that while the department can provide information about past internships, it does not arrange for internships. Students are responsible for finding their own internships.

Internship Courses:

Internship Forms

Students must ensure that the student and employer forms are filled out before the internship is begun.

For all students:

For internships in Mathematics and Statistics:

For Mathematics Education internships: