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Mathematics: Applied Mathematics

The Applied Mathematics Specialization of the Mathematics major enables students to concentrate their studies in applied mathematics. This page lists the program documents and other information about the specialization.  For more information, please contact your advisor or the department chair.

Program Documents for the Applied Mathematics Specialization:

Applied Mathematics Frequently Asked Questions

Applied Mathematics Specialization Learning Goals

  1. Master theoretical foundations based on mathematical rigor through proofs
  2. Apply mathematical theory to model and solve problems dealing with physical, natural and societal problems
  3. Use technology to solve computational problems, including simulation and visualization of mathematical models
    1. Majors should be able to adapt to different technology platforms that are useful for mathematical computing
    2. Majors should be able to make mathematical conjectures and use technology to support or refute these conjectures
  4. Provide clear and effective written and oral communication to diverse audiences
    1. Necessitates being able to read mathematics and communicate mathematics to other mathematicians.
    2. Also requires communicating mathematical results to a non-mathematical audience
  5. Develop content knowledge in a related discipline
    1. Majors should be able to apply their mathematics knowledge to other sciences and engineering
    2. Majors should be able to recognize mathematical ideas embedded in other contexts