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Teacher Certification Endorsement in Mathematics

The College of New Jersey offers courses that can assist candidates for endorsement in mathematics to meet the New Jersey State Department of Education definition of a Coherent Academic Sequence in mathematics. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics recommends that the following sequence of courses be completed to meet the state requirement of 30 semester hours:

Recommended (8 course units)

  • MAT 200 Discrete Mathematics
  • MAT 127 Calculus A
  • MAT 128 Calculus B
  • MAT 205 Linear Algebra
  • MAT 305 Abstract Algebra
  • MAT 316 Probability
  • MAT 351 Geometry
  • STA 215 Statistical Inference

Additional Recommendations

  • MAT 229 Multivariable Calculus
  • MAT 301 Number Theory
  • MAT 255 Perspectives on the Development of Mathematics
  • MAT 320 Complex Variables
  • MTT 380 Methods of Teaching Mathematics I (focused on middle school)
  • MTT 390 Methods of Teaching Mathematics II (focused on high school)

Candidates for endorsement must also pass the necessary PRAXIS examinations required by the state. For further information contact the college’s STEP office at 609-771-2408.