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Have a question about your Cengage Textbook? Click here!

Have a question about your Cengage Textbook? Click here!

Spring 2019  Textbook Recommendations
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

If you are taking one of the math courses: MAT 095, 105, 120, 127, 128, 200, or 229 this semester, you have a choice of whether to purchase a traditional, physical textbook or a new offering: a Cengage Unlimited ebook subscription.  The ebook subscription gives you unlimited access to Cengage’s textbooks for a specific period of time.  This option may save you some money so the department has put this guide together to help you decide.

The ebook subscription provides you with unlimited use of all Cengage’s textbooks for a specific period of time (4 months, 12 months, or 24 months).  Once you start using a textbook for a class, you will keep access to that ebook even after your subscription ends.  However, once your subscription ends, you won’t be able to access new books for new classes.  In general, if you want to purchase an ebook subscription (for MAT 095, 105, 119, 120, 127, 128, 200, and/or 229) and:

  • You expect to only take one of these math courses this semester, with no math courses using a different book next semester, you may want to purchase a 4-month subscription for $119.99.  In particular, students taking the Calculus sequence (MAT 127, 128, 229) and no other math courses using Cengage books, can just purchase the 4-month subscription.
  • You expect to take a math courses (from the list above) this semester and a math course (from the list above) next semester using a different book, with no math courses (from the above list) with a different book after next semester, you may want to purchase a 12-month subscription for $179.99.  Math majors who will take MAT 127 this semester and MAT 200 next semester will want to purchase the 12-month subscription.
  • You expect to take math courses (from the above list) this semester and the following two semesters, each requiring a different book, you may want to purchase a 24-month subscription for $239.99.

Note: The ebook subscription does not come with an traditional physical textbook, but a student with a subscription can or rent a textbook for $7.99 (includes shipping) or purchase a looseleaf (unbound) version of the textbook for $47, if you enroll in the digital courseware (Webassign). You must enroll in the digital course to rent/buy the physical book. This cost is for each physical book requested; so two rentals would cost $15.98.

Note: Students in some sections of PHY 201 may be able to add the text for that course for no extra cost.  One needs to check if the PHY 201 section is using a book from Cengage.

There is no definite correct answer.  The above recommendations are only a guide and students need to consider their own situation and make the decision that is correct for them.  Having a traditional hard copy book may be the best option for a student, even if it costs slightly more money.