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Mathematics Teaching Mathematics Teaching major has several distinct programs. In these programs, students take mathematics and professional courses which prepare them to meet the educational requirements for the New Jersey certificate to teach in their respective education field. Students wishing to take the mathematics Praxis test could also be certified to teach mathematics K–12.

The Undergraduate Bulletin contains the official list of major requirements. However, students should see the Education major’s department webpage for more information about the respective programs. Students will meet all their mathematics requirements by completing the major requirements listed below and in the checklist, meeting the department’s retention and GPA requirements, meeting their Education major’s requirements, and completing TCNJ’s College Core requirements. Below are additional program documents and other information about the programs. For more information, please contact your advisor or the mathematics education coordinator.

Requirements for the Mathematics Teaching major

Required Courses (11 units)
MAT 105: Mathematical Structures and Algorithms for Educators I
MAT 127: Calculus A
MAT 128: Calculus B
MAT 200: Proof Writing Through Discrete Mathematics
MAT 205: Linear Algebra
MAT 229: Multivariable Calculus
MAT 255: Perspectives on the Development of Mathematics
MAT 301: Number Theory
MAT 305: Abstract Algebra
MAT 310: Real Analysis
MAT 351: Geometry

Options (1 unit)
Students complete an additional course unit by taking a MAT/STA course at the 300/400-level.

Correlates (2 units)
STA 216
BIO 104

Program Documents for the Mathematics Teaching Major: