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Mathematics Teaching

The Mathematics Teaching major has several distinct programs. Information on each of them is available below. In addition, the math/stat department has retention and graduation grade requirements.

Graduation and Retention Requirements:

  • Must earn a grade of C- or higher in all courses for the major. A grade of C- must be earned in any course that is a prerequisite for another math/stat course before that course can be taken. A grade of D or D+ may be earned in one 300/400 course that is not a prerequisite for a subsequent course.
  • Must also earn a 2.5 GPA in the foundational courses (MAT 127, 128, 200, 205, 229) that are taken at TCNJ.
  • Must make progress in the major by earning a C- or higher in at least one major course every two semesters.
  • Students who fail to meet these requirements will have one year to meet them or face possible dismissal from the major.

Program Planners: