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Advising Information

Registration for Spring 2017 will open November 1st and advising will begin shortly. There have been a number of important changes happening in the department that we want to make sure you are aware of.  Please see the Advising Newsletter for more information, including the list of expanded descriptions for the Mathematics and Statistics options courses.

Recent Curricular Changes:

  • Fall 2016
    • Actuarial and Financial Risk Minor:  FIN 201 now has ACC 201 as a prerequisite.  Declared actuarial minors are exempt from this requirement.
    • Sophomore/Junior Seminar: The department is offering a .5 unit course MAT 270 to introduce students to topics not normally seen in the foundational courses of the curriculum, career opportunities, research methods, and the use of math/stat software.
    • Applied Mathematics Specialization: MAT 370: Computational Mathematics will now count towards the computing requirement. Applied math students can now fulfill the requirement by taking CSC 220/MAT 370 instead of CSC 220/230.
    • Statistics Specialization: Students can now take any 300/400 level STA courses to satisfy the 3.0 course units of statistics options for the major.
    • Statistics Specialization: The science requirement has been changed.  Students now can take any two science courses from biology, chemistry, and physics, at the 200 or above level, with at least one course having a lab.
    • MAT 265: Introduction to Financial Mathematics is now officially listed in the course catalog (it was previously offered as STA 270). It also counts as a course for the Actuarial and Financial Risk Minor.
    • Internships: The department now offers students the opportunity to earn academic credit for internships with the courses MAT 299/399, STA 299/399. Please see the department webpage for details and contact internship coordinators Dr. Conjura and Dr. Ochs for more information.

Science Requirements:

List of School of Science science courses without a laboratory and without two lab courses are prerequisites:

  • Biology:  BIO 370: Topics in Biology (only BIO 201) and BIO 371: Topics in Computational Biology  (BIO 201 and CSC 220)
  • Chemistry: History of Chemistry and Physics.
  • Physics:  PHY 261: Advanced Astronomy.


Previous Advising Newsletters: