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Student Presentations at Celebration of Student Achievement

Student Presentations at Celebration of Student Achievement

We are proud to announce the Mathematics & Statistics Department’s student capstone and other presentations at this year’s TCNJ Celebration of Student Achievement (COSA), held on Wednesday, May 5, 2021.

MAT 498 – Mathematics Capstone – Advisor Steffen Marcus
Jonathan Luzniak – Analysis of Nim and the Sprague-Grundy Function and Theorem
Alexa N Morreale – Complexity of the Map Color Theorem
Joseph M. Ingenito – On the Reimann Hypothesis and the Inverse Spectral Problem for Fractal Strings
Vang Ngo – The Topology of CW Complexes
Tara Laux – Pell’s Equation
Daniel Martin – Game Theory in Soccer
Russell Johnson – Applications of Algebraic Coding Theory
Jonathan Brooks – Determining the Long Term effects of Synchronization with the Kuramoto Model
Cory Ong – Card Counting in Blackjack
Addy Wong – Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem

MAT 498 – Applied Mathematics Capstone – Advisor Jana Gevertz
Mac Bivens-Tatum – Combinatorics versus Integer Programming Solutions to the Traveling Salesman Problem
Tara Moat – Hopf Bifurcation in Dynamical Systems
Shannon Monahan – Portfolio Optimization Using Linear Programming
Jessica Blair – Traveling Wave Solutions of Fisher’s Partial Differential Equation
Ariel Steinsaltz – Tree Solutions to Network Flow Problems
Michael Luo – A numerical method to solve optimal control problems
Darin Clark – Chaos and the Lorenz Equation
Tierney Baldwin – Using Limit Cycles to Analyze the Hodgkin-Huxley Equations of Neuron Firing

STA 498 – Statistics Capstone – Advisor Michael Ochs
David Stang – CCYVC Project
Christopher Jakuback – Trenton Mercer Visual Solutions
Leanna Diaz – Understanding Youth Violence and Education in Trenton, NJ
Francesca Zumpano – Bridging the Gap
Jacob Stewart – Explaining High Dropout Rates in Trenton and How to Combat Them
Vincent Bolognese – Interpreting Factors and Trends that Influence Youth Violence
Kayla Warner – Senior statistics project
Matthew Fitzpatrick – Does the distance to educational programs for Trenton, NJ youth have an affect on graduation rates?

Additional Presentations
Santiago Cardenas – Using Mathematical Modeling to Deduce the Cause of Cancer Drug Resistance (MAT 393; Advisor: Jana Gevertz)
Sofia Stepanoff – Syncing twisted states on 2D lattices (MAT 393; Advisor: Matthew Mizuhara)
Russell Johnson – Explorations of Primitivity in Free Group Theory (MAT 493; Advisor: Andrew Clifford)
Erin Obermeyer – Untangling the web: Recovering networks of oscillators using model learning (MAT 393; Advisor: Matthew Mizuhara)
Miruna Baciu – Learning Models From Biological Data (MAT 493; Advisor: Nicholas Battista)


Congratulations to all of our presenting students for their hard work!